Wondering When to Call Landscapers?

Learn When to Hire Licensed Lot Clearing Experts

Tree trimming and lot clearing are essential for the health and beauty of your trees. It’s easy to grow accustomed to what may always appear to be a beautiful tree, but there may be problems that aren’t too obvious. All of these problems can lead to trees that are susceptible to damage from wind and badly shaped ones. Besides, tree diseases can become a problem if left untreated and allowed to spread to other trees. If you’re planning to clean the trees in your lawn, below are the 3 signs, which means that they must be trimmed. Keep on reading!

Broken branches

One sign that a tree needs some pruning is broken branches. If you see any bowing, splintering, and broken branches, you must prune it immediately. Once these branches weaken or break, they become hazardous. You don’t want the branches to fall on a guest, visitor, or family member due to the lack of pruning. Not all splintering and broken branches are noticeable, so do a preliminary inspection after a bad storm.

Misshapen trees

While you may admire the unique way your trees are growing, it’s not necessarily healthy for them! Misshapen trees are trees that grow in the wrong path. It can cause property damage due to the uneven weight distribution between the branches. Moreover, this can cause splintered or broken branches. Because tree maintenance inspires new growth, you must make sure to do regular pruning on misshapen trees as they might grow faster than normal. You can also make sure your trees grow nicely.

Diseased areas

If you notice some health issues, it’s a sure sign that you must call a tree surgeon to do the pruning. If you don’t prune once you notice these diseases, it can spread quickly and kill your tree. If this is the case, you may consider removing them! While not all trees die from diseases, you may notice some deadwood. Dead parts or branches may also mean a pest issue. Make sure you remove the dying or dead limbs to keep your trees happy and healthy. Like with diseased trees, it can spread to the rest of the trees and do even more harm if you don’t catch it and act quickly.

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