If You See These Signs, Hire a Landscaper

Signs You Must Call Tree Service Providers

Tree service is important for maintaining the health and beauty of your trees. It’s easy to be accustomed to what might always seem to be an appealing tree, but there might be issues that aren’t visible. All of these issues can lead to misshapen trees and ones that are vulnerable to damage from wind. In addition, diseases can be a problem if allowed to spread to other branches of the tree. If you’re looking to maintain the trees in your lawn, below are the signs that indicate that they need to be trimmed.

Branches over power lines

One sure sign of trees that need pruning is if the limbs are growing on top of or close to power lines. This is dangerous and must be inspected and trimmed by a professional tree company. Make sure you give this tree regular inspections for safety. Not only can branches over power lines a threat but other wondering branches as well! Branches growing over your roof and other structure on your property need careful pruning. While you must handle smaller branches with care, you must call a professional to take care of much stronger and bigger branches. This ensures your safety while avoiding any damage to property during the tree pruning.

Trees damaged by storms

Even though tree branches are quite strong, they become victims after storms like wind, heavy snow, and rain. If you’ve experienced a lot of rain or wind storms recently, you must walk around your property and inspect your trees. Wind storms cause most of the broken and splintered branches you’ll find. It could also pose a threat to your property if left unattended. Talk to your local tree contractor for more information!

Too much growth

If you notice your trees grow quickly, it may be time to give them a quick pruning to avoid any property damage and keep them looking healthy. This is true for trees you’ve planted for landscaping. Unlike in a wooded or forest area, trees don’t have to compete for sunlight. This makes them grow tall very quickly. But other trees tend to grow out instead of up. Often, the last thing you want is for them to become too heavy.

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