Discover the Common Lot Clearing Methods

Three Ways to Clear a Lot

There are different reasons you need to clear a lot of your property. You might be constructing a new building, landscape the area or extend your property on the lot. No matter what the reason is, you have to make sure that you use the right lot clearing method. This will depend on different aspects. It’s best to hire specialists to handle the process for you.

To know your options are when it comes to clearing a lot, below are the three popular lot clearing methods:


This method is used if you’re clearing out trees or bushes. Instead of removing the trees and bushes individually, the elements are burned. To be safe, don’t do this yourself. The experts control the lot and the surroundings first before they start burning.  They’ll be overseeing the entire process to ensure that the fire won’t be going outside the area. The smoke will be controlled as well. If the lot is in an area where there are people, this is not the best option to clear the lot. Hire the right tree service provider.

Cutting and Grinding

This is the best method to clear out trees on lots that have buildings and people near the area. Clearing the lot might take longer this way but it’s safer. The process will start by cutting the trees first and grinding the stump. The trees will be moved to another place where they’ll be used. The same thing with the stump which will be used as mulch.

Pushing Over

The tree contractor will need a large machine for this lot clearing method. The machine will pull the trees or any other elements on the land. The roots of the trees will be removed if this method is used. Safety is also a concern when using this method. As long as you let the experts take care of it, you will not have any problems.

To ensure that your lot is cleared thoroughly and safely, Guilford Tree Service and Demolition is the tree company that you should turn to. Dial (336) 200-8076 now to get in touch with our specialists in Guilford County, NC.

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